MORI Takahiro (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 森高宏
117 tournaments
723 results
Player ID: 5609
Rated T499 in Japan and T597 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T736 in the World
Latest rating: 1767
2019-03-24: 40_Meijin(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstATOBE Shuugo
TAGUCHI Amanewon againstMORI Takahiro
GO Shinuwon againstMORI Takahiro
ICHIKI Harukiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstTANIDA Kunihiko
UNO Toshihirowon againstMORI Takahiro
SAWADA Takehikowon againstMORI Takahiro
2019-03-23: 40_Meijin_masters(Japan)
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstMORI Takahiro
YOSHIDA Taisakuwon againstMORI Takahiro
YAMANAKA Yukihirowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKOBAYASHI Makoto
NODA Bintatsuwon againstMORI Takahiro
OCHIAI Naofumiwon againstMORI Takahiro
2018-10-14: 47_All_Japan_Kinki_prelim(Japan)
TAKAHASHI Akihiro33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro35-29ITO Itsuru
MORI Takahiro46-18IMAI Chiaki
SHIMAMURA Yoshihide33-31MORI Takahiro
ICHIKAWA Yukinori47-17MORI Takahiro
YOSHIDA Shigenobu39-25MORI Takahiro
YAKUSHIJI Kenta46-18MORI Takahiro
2018-06-10: 46_All_Japan_Kinki_prelim(Japan)
SAITO Hiroki53-11MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro44-20NAKAYAMA Takahiro
ICHIKAWA Yukinori33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro40-24MATSUMOTO Kazunori
FURUTA Utai37-27MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro36-28YOSHIMOTO Hiroaki
KAWASAKI Yuji45-19MORI Takahiro
2018-03-18: 39_Meijin(Japan)
FURUTA Utaiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstNAKAI Yoshiji
NAKAMURA Rintarowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstINOUE Masafumi
SATANI Tetsuwon againstMORI Takahiro
WADA Chiakiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstTANAKA Naoki
2017-10-21: 1_ITA_open(Japan)
GOTO Masahiro45-19MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro58-06KAWASAKI Akito
MORI Takahiro40-24YANO Yasushi
TSUKAMOTO Kazuma54-10MORI Takahiro
YAMAMOTO Kunihiro40-24MORI Takahiro
WADA Masaki34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro42-22OHUCHI Yasuhiro
MORI Takahiro37-27YASUJIMA Yuji
2017-06-04: 45_All_Japan_Kinki_prelim(Japan)
ESAKA Akira53-11MORI Takahiro
MATSUMOTO Kazunori34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro38-26OBATA Ryo
ICHIKAWA Yukinori33-31MORI Takahiro
HIRANO Tomo44-20MORI Takahiro
FUKAMI Takuji45-19MORI Takahiro
2017-03-19: 38_Meijin(Japan)
KOYASHIKI Kenwon againstMORI Takahiro
WADA Masakiwon againstMORI Takahiro
NAKAMORI Hirokiwon againstMORI Takahiro
SATO Ryuwon againstMORI Takahiro
ONUKI Yutakawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSASAKI Sohei
2016-10-29: 6_Tatebayashi_Shiyaru_open(Japan)
OKUDA Tsuyoshi48-16MORI Takahiro
TAKAHASHI Hisashi52-12MORI Takahiro
MIURA Toshie34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro50-14KAWASAKI Akito
MORI Takahiro52-12YANO Yasushi
HORIUCHI Keiko40-24MORI Takahiro
KURACHI Takayuki36-28MORI Takahiro
SATO Koichiro42-22MORI Takahiro
2016-10-09: 27_Kansai_championship_A(Japan)
MORI Takahiro40-24TANIGUCHI Masaki
NAKAMORI Hiroki55-09MORI Takahiro
UNO Toshihiro50-14MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro43-21KASAI Yuta
YAMAZAKI Keita54-10MORI Takahiro
OKAMURA Hiroaki33-31MORI Takahiro
IO Hideo45-19MORI Takahiro
2016-07-17: 44_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
HISHIYAMA Yuichiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKURODA Takuji
ITAGAKI Kenichiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstTAKAHASHI Ya
OKAMURA Hiroakiwon againstMORI Takahiro
OHUCHI Yasuhirowon againstMORI Takahiro
2016-06-12: 44_All_Japan_Kinki_prelim(Japan)
MORI Takahiro36-28UNO Toshihiro
KUMATSU Miyu35-29MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro43-21YOSHIDA Shigenobu
MORI Takahiro53-11KOBAYASHI Ritsuko
MORI Takahiro36-28TOJO Atsushi
MIYAZAKI Yuji38-26MORI Takahiro
MATSUMOTO Hiroshi40-24MORI Takahiro
2016-03-20: 37_Meijin(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstTSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
MITSUYA Nobuakiwon againstMORI Takahiro
OHTAKE Kosukewon againstMORI Takahiro
HASEGAWA Takeshiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MATSUMOTO Makotowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstUMEZAWA Shiho
KOBAYASHI Manabuwon againstMORI Takahiro
2015-10-11: 26_Kansai_championship(Japan)
UEDA Takashi35-29MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro37-27YAMAZAKI Keita
SHIMAMURA Yoshihide36-28MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro40-24NISHIMURA Akihiro
MORI Takahiro39-25MATSUMOTO Kazunori
YAMAZAKI Midorikawa39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro34-30OKAMURA Hiroaki
2015-08-22: 104_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
MITSUYA Nobuaki34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro35-29WATANABE Keiichi
MORI Takahiro39-25NAKAZAWA Junichi
OSATO Suguru35-29MORI Takahiro
TAKASAKI Shohei33-31MORI Takahiro
YAMAMOTO Takashi42-22MORI Takahiro
2015-07-19: 43_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstKAWAMURA Toyoto
MATSUMOTO Makotowon againstMORI Takahiro
NAKAMURA Keikowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstOKAMURA Hiroaki
MORI Takahirowon againstKINOSHITA Takao
TSUCHIYA Shotarowon againstMORI Takahiro
2015-06-07: 43_All_Japan_kinki_prelim(Japan)
MORI Takahiro46-18YAMAZAKI Midorikawa
NAKAMORI Hiroki49-15MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro37-27NAKAYAMA Takahiro
OKI Shinsuke42-22MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro36-28YAMAZAKI Keita
MORI Takahiro37-27KASAI Yuta
NORIMITSU Ayumi35-29MORI Takahiro
2015-03-22: 36_Meijin(Japan)
NAKAYAMA Mariwon againstMORI Takahiro
MATSUMOTO Hiroshiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstNAKAYAMA Takahiro
MURAKAMI Takeshiwon againstMORI Takahiro
SATOMI Takashiwon againstMORI Takahiro
YOSHINO Toruwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstUMEZAWA Shiho
2015-02-08: 36_Kinki_Hokuriku_expert_games(Japan)
NAKAMORI Hiroki38-26MORI Takahiro
YAMAZAKI Midorikawa36-28MORI Takahiro
MATSUMOTO Kazunori36-28MORI Takahiro
SHIMAMURA Yoshihide38-26MORI Takahiro
NISHIMURA Akihiro35-29MORI Takahiro
UEDA Takashi34-30MORI Takahiro
2014-10-12: 4_Tatebayashi_Shiyaru_open(Japan)
OKUDA Tsuyoshi42-22MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro40-24KAWASAKI Akito
GOTO Masahiro39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro35-29OHUCHI Miyuki
URUSHIHARA Kazuhiro42-22MORI Takahiro
SATO Koichiro44-20MORI Takahiro
YAMAMOTO Kunihiro37-27MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro36-28GOTO Masahiro
2014-10-05: 25_Kansai_championship_A(Japan)
KASAI Yuta32-32MORI Takahiro
MIYAZAKI Yuji51-13MORI Takahiro
HISHIYAMA Yuichi51-13MORI Takahiro
OKADA Kantha36-28MORI Takahiro
OHNO Atsuko45-19MORI Takahiro
OKAMA Ayumi41-23MORI Takahiro
2014-07-13: 42_All_Japan_Championship(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstIKEDA Atsuhiko
MORI Takahirowon againstHAMAMOTO Kazuhiro
IWATA Hiroyukiwon againstMORI Takahiro
TAKAHASHI Hisashiwon againstMORI Takahiro
URUSHIHARA Kazuhirowon againstMORI Takahiro
SUGUWARA Kiyoshiwon againstMORI Takahiro
2014-06-08: 42_All_Japan_Kinki_prelim(Japan)
HAMAMOTO Kazuhiro47-17MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro58-06ASANO Yoshiko
MIYAZAKI Toru40-24MORI Takahiro
UNO Toshihiro39-25MORI Takahiro
AKAI Chishu42-22MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro45-19IETANI Akika
MORI Takahiro47-17OBAMA Satomi
2014-03-23: 35_Meijin(Japan)
MIYAZAKI Toruwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstMATSUMOTO Hiroyuki
SUGAWARA Misawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstYOSHIYUKI Suganuma
MORI Takahirowon againstHAGA Kazutoshi
NAKANO Jowon againstMORI Takahiro
UEDA Takashiwon againstMORI Takahiro
2013-11-10: 2014_OWC_qualif(Japan)
ASAKAWA Takuyawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKOBAYASHI Manabu
MITSUYA Nobuakiwon againstMORI Takahiro
OSHIMIZU Takanoriwon againstMORI Takahiro
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhirowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstHADA Jun
2013-10-20: 3_Tatebayashi_Shiyaru_open(Japan)
OHUCHI Yasuhiro36-28MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro34-30SHIBASAKI Lily
KURACHI Takayuki36-28MORI Takahiro
OHUCHI Miyuki32-32MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro44-20ISA Atsuto
OKUDA Tsuyoshi35-29MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro41-23OCHIAI Naofumi
TAKAHASHI Hisashi41-23MORI Takahiro
2013-06-09: 41_All_Japan_Kinki_prelim(Japan)
ESAKA Akira49-15MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro42-22MATSUMOTO Kazunori
NAKAMORI Hiroki38-26MORI Takahiro
NAKAYAMA Takahiro44-20MORI Takahiro
MITSUMOTO Daisuke39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro53-11KOSHIMI Yuya
MORI Takahiro40-24ISHIKAWA Hiroyuki
2013-03-31: 34_Meijin(Japan)
YOSHIDA Masafumiwon againstMORI Takahiro
TAKAHASHI Satomiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstOHNO Atsuko
MATSUMOTO Makotowon againstMORI Takahiro
IWAKURA Hiroakiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSHIBUYA Motoki
MORI Takahirowon againstKOSHINO Kazuhiko
2013-02-10: 34_Kinki_Hokuriku_expert_game(Japan)
MORI Takahiro33-31NISHIMINE Satoru
SHIMAMURA Yoshihide38-26MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro51-13KASAI Yuta
YOSHIDA Shigenobu34-30MORI Takahiro
OSHIMA Yusuke46-18MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro45-19KIMURA Yamaji
MORI Takahiro33-31MATSUMOTO Kazunori
2013-01-13: 2_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
SUGASE Takahiro42-22MORI Takahiro
KOBAYASHI Ritsuko40-24MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro38-26HAYASHI Yudai
UEDA Takashi37-27MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro44-20AKAI Chishu
NISHIMURA Akihiro33-31MORI Takahiro
2012-11-11: OWC2013_qualification(Japan)
YAMAKAWA Takashiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSHINOHARA Chiaki
OKAMOTO Junyawon againstMORI Takahiro
HADA Junwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKAWARADA Seiji
MORI Takahirowon againstKANEKO Kodai
2012-10-21: 2_Tatebayashi_Shiyaru_open(Japan)
OHUCHI Yasuhiro37-27MORI Takahiro
KURACHI Takayuki35-28MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro42-22SHIBASAKI Lily
URUSHIHARA Kazuhiro36-28MORI Takahiro
GOTO Masahiro39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro37-27OCHIAI Naofumi
MORI Takahiro40-24KAWASAKI Akito
2012-08-05: 1_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstSHIRAI Ukyo
UEDA Takashi51-13MORI Takahiro
TAKAHASHI Kazuma35-29MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro36-28ASAI Syun
OHTSUBO Masayuki37-27MORI Takahiro
YODA Kazuya56-08MORI Takahiro
2012-07-18: 40_All_Japan_open_champ(Japan)
ITAGAKI Kenichiwon againstMORI Takahiro
NAGAMATSU Ryotawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstAZUMA Hideki
MORI Takahirowon againstICHIKAWA Yukinori
NARUMI Hisatoshiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKUMATSU Umehara
2012-06-10: 40_All_Japan_Kinki_prelim(Japan)
SATO Koichiro44-20MORI Takahiro
KINUTA Shiho52-12MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro48-16ASANO Yoshiko
YOSHIDA Shigenobu34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro40-24USHIROMIYA Hajime
MORI Takahiro51-13ICHIKAWA Yukinori
2012-03-04: Meijin_groupA(Japan)
MORI Takahiro33-31ITAGAKI Kenichi
GOTO Hiroshi41-23MORI Takahiro
HAMADA Naoki56-08MORI Takahiro
OHTAKE Kosuke39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro37-27SUGUWARA Kiyoshi
MORI Takahiro42-22KURACHI Takayuki
MORI Takahiro60-04YOSHIYUKI Suganuma
2012-02-12: 33_Kinki_Hokuriku_open(Japan)
KAMEDA Ryota51-13MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro34-30KOBAYASHI Ritsuko
ASANO Yuki55-09MORI Takahiro
OHTSUBO Masayuki56-08MORI Takahiro
TODA Guratoshi40-24MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro37-27NAKAYAMA Takahiro
2011-10-23: 1_Tatebayashi_Shiyaru_open(Japan)
SATO Koichiro39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro48-16SHIBASAKI Lily
MORI Takahiro47-17ISA Atsuto
YAMAMOTO Kunihiro34-30MORI Takahiro
KURACHI Takayuki34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro33-31OCHIAI Naofumi
OKUDA Tsuyoshi42-22MORI Takahiro
2011-10-09: 22_Kansai_Champ(Japan)
OKI Shinsuke38-26MORI Takahiro
OKAMURA Hiroaki40-24MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro48-16UCHIDA Kiyoyuki
MORI Takahiro33-31NARUMI Hisatoshi
SHIMAMURA Yoshihide50-14MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro33-31TAGUCHI Ryosuke
SAWADA Tomohiro47-17MORI Takahiro
2011-07-17: 39_Japan_Champ(Japan)
ITAGAKI Kenichiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstFUJIWARA Toyoshima
KUMATSU Umeharawon againstMORI Takahiro
YOSHIDA Taisakuwon againstMORI Takahiro
SANO Hidekazuwon againstMORI Takahiro
2011-06-12: 39_Japan_champ_Kinki_prelim(Japan)
MORI Takahiro49-15MATSUMOTO Kazunori
TAKAGI Osato40-24MORI Takahiro
KITAMURA Shinji34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro42-22NAKAMURA Yuki
YOSHIDA Shigenobu50-14MORI Takahiro
MIYAZAKI Toru55-09MORI Takahiro
KAGOTANI Hiroto35-29MORI Takahiro
2011-05-29: 32_Meijin(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstTANAKA Irie
NAMIKI Kazunariwon againstMORI Takahiro
MIYAZAKI Toruwon againstMORI Takahiro
NAGASHIMA Kazuhitowon againstMORI Takahiro
IWAKURA Hiroakiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstNISHIMURA Tatsuyuki
2011-03-06: 32_Kinki_Hokuriku_expert_game(Japan)
NAKAMORI Hiroki33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro50-14MATSUMOTO Kazunori
TSUCHIYA Shotaro47-17MORI Takahiro
ASANO Yuki34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro47-17TODA Guratoshi
MORI Takahiro34-30IO Hideo
MIYAZAKI Yuji51-13MORI Takahiro
2010-10-31: 21_Kansai_championships(Japan)
MORI Takahiro50-14SAKAMOTO Hiroshi
OHNO Daisuke38-26MORI Takahiro
SHIMAMURA Yoshihide36-28MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro35-29NAKAOKA Akinori
MORI Takahiro45-19KASAI Yuta
KAMEDA Ryota58-06MORI Takahiro
KANAI Kyousuke45-19MORI Takahiro
2010-09-19: 10_Saitama_open(Japan)
OHUCHI Yasuhiro41-23MORI Takahiro
TANAKA Amane46-18MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro51-13KAWABATA Seiji
MORI Takahiro35-29SHINAGAWA Yukinobu
OKUDA Tsuyoshi41-23MORI Takahiro
KOBAYASHI Manabu48-16MORI Takahiro
2010-09-18: 47_King_State(Japan)
MORI Takahiro34-30TAKAOKA Shohei
MORI Takahiro38-26TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
KANAZAWA Kota33-31MORI Takahiro
UMEMURA Yuji34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro41-23TONOSAKI Hiroaki
MORI Takahiro36-28MATSUDA Shoma
2010-07-18: CH_Japan(Japan)
OKABAYASHI Noguchiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstMAEZIMA Tomiko
ISHIKAWA Akirawon againstMORI Takahiro
SATAKE Yosukewon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstUNO Toshihiro
MORI Takahirowon againstMIZUNO Keigo
2010-06-13: 38_Japan_Champ_Kinki_prelim(Japan)
TSUCHIYA Keishiro54-10MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro36-28OBAMA Satomi
NISHIMINE Satoru34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro43-21HIDAKA Toshihiro
MORI Takahiro45-19NAKAYAMA Takahiro
MORI Takahiro38-26KAGOTANI Hiroto
SHIMAMURA Yoshihide34-30MORI Takahiro
2010-03-21: 31_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Masahiro64-00MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro64-00TOKI Hidenobu
TANIDA Keiko64-00MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro64-00GOTO Hiroto
MIYAOKA Tamaki64-00MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro64-00HAMAJIMA Ishiuma
OKAMOTO Junya64-00MORI Takahiro
2010-02-28: 1_Osaka_and_Kobe_open(Japan)
IMANAKA Ro41-22MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro36-28HASHIMOTO Isamu
MORI Takahiro34-30MASE Ohachi
MORI Takahiro39-25KITAMURA Shinji
MORI Takahiro33-31KAWAKAMI Eiyo
OKAMOTO Kazuki41-23MORI Takahiro
2010-02-14: 31_Kinki_Hokuriku_expert(Japan)
MATSUMOTO Kazunori33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro36-28KASAI Yuta
MORI Takahiro64-00NISHIMINE Satoru
MORI Takahiro37-27NAKAMURA Yuki
YAMADA Minoru49-15MORI Takahiro
UNO Toshihiro43-21MORI Takahiro
OKAWA Chieko49-15MORI Takahiro
2010-01-09: 57_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
MORI Takahiro38-26NAGAMATSU Ryota
HISHIYAMA Yuichi38-26MORI Takahiro
WATANABE Keiichi38-26MORI Takahiro
TANIZAWA Misato34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro35-29TOKI Hidenobu
MORI Takahiro40-24SHINAGAWA Yukinobu
2009-11-03: 20_Kansai_Champ(Japan)
MORI Takahiro46-18OKAMURA Hiroaki
YODA Kazuya53-11MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro35-29UNO Toshihiro
TSUCHIYA Keishiro41-23MORI Takahiro
MATSUMOTO Kazunori35-29MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro39-25UMEZAWA Tadaaki
YAMADA Minoru40-24MORI Takahiro
2009-09-19: 27_King_State(Japan)
HISHIYAMA Yuichi44-20MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro37-27SAKURAI Takeuchi
MORI Takahiro45-19TAKAHASHI Shunsuke
MORI Takahiro37-26SAITO Tauru
IMOTO Wataru35-29MORI Takahiro
TAKANO Satoshi47-16MORI Takahiro
2009-07-19: 37_Japan_Open_Champ(Japan)
SATO Naohirowon againstMORI Takahiro
SANO Hirotakawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstURUSHIHARA Yoshihisa
MORI Takahirowon againstNAKAMURA Yuki
MORI Takahirowon againstHIRABAYASHI Eiji
KUMATSU Umeharawon againstMORI Takahiro
2009-07-05: 37_Japan_Champ_Kinki_prelim(Japan)
MORI Takahiro37-27UNO Toshihiro
ISHIBASHI Takuya40-24MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro37-27KASAI Yuta
YOSHIDA Shigenobu37-27MORI Takahiro
UENO Kakuya42-22MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro58-06KITAMURA Shinji
SYUGAME Junki37-27MORI Takahiro
2009-03-29: Hausuohu_Open(Japan)
KOBAYASHI Syunjiro33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro33-31KAWAGUCHI Hayato
OKAWA Akira33-31MORI Takahiro
KURACHI Takayuki33-31MORI Takahiro
HAGA Kazutoshi33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro33-31KOBAYASHI Makoto
2009-03-28: 30_Meijin_prelim(Japan)
MIYATA Kohei33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro33-31KATO Tomihiro
OKAWA Chieko33-31MORI Takahiro
OHMORI Keita33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro33-31TAKANO Satoshi
MORI Takahiro33-31UMEZAWA Yoshinori
2009-03-22: 7_Nishinomiya_Open(Japan)
MORI Takahiro37-27HIRABAYASHI Mihoko
MORI Takahiro43-21KUMATSU Umehara
MIYATA Kohei39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro45-19TSUCHIYA Keishiro
MORI Takahiro45-19KANAI Kyousuke
UNO Toshihiro47-17MORI Takahiro
2009-03-01: 30_Kinki_Hokuriku_Open_A(Japan)
MORI Takahiro55-09NAKAMURA Yuki
MIYAZAKI Toru41-23MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro40-24MAEHIRA Kotaro
MORI Takahirowon againstMATSUMOTO Hiroshi
OKAMOTO Kazuki47-17MORI Takahiro
ISHIBASHI Takuya46-18MORI Takahiro
UCHIDA Kiyoyuki35-29MORI Takahiro
2008-11-03: 23_King_State(Japan)
MORI Takahiro38-26KAWAGUCHI Genki
MORI Takahiro37-27KOBAYASHI Syunjiro
MORI Takahirowon againstTAKEISHI Takuya
IWATA Hiroyuki47-17MORI Takahiro
NAGASHIMA Kazuhito41-23MORI Takahiro
NAGANO Yasushi42-22MORI Takahiro
2008-10-18: 27_King_State_B(Japan)
IMAI Daiki33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro33-31SAKURAI Takeuchi
MORI Takahiro38-26KAWAGUCHI Genki
MORI Takahiro41-23TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
MORI Takahiro33-31NAGAMATSU Ryota
SUZUKI Yuta33-31MORI Takahiro
2008-09-28: 6_Nishinomiya_Open(Japan)
YAMAZAKI Kohei51-13MORI Takahiro
NAKAYAMA Miki53-11MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro38-26ISHIMORI Yusuki
MORI Takahiro45-19KITAMURA Shinji
KASAI Yuta39-25MORI Takahiro
KUMATSU Umehara49-15MORI Takahiro
2008-08-31: 5_Nishinomiya_Open(Japan)
TOKUSHIMA Akira43-21MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro54-10UENO Kakuya
MORI Takahiro36-28TAGUCHI Ryosuke
NAKAJIMA Nishiki41-23MORI Takahiro
OKAWA Chieko61-03MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro42-22MATSUMOTO Kazunori
2008-07-05: 47th Kanagawa seaside Open(Japan)
KOZUKA Katsuhikowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstWATANABE Hideaki
SATO Koichirowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSUZUKI Yuta
MORI Takahirowon againstNAKANO Yasuhide
2008-07-05: 47_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
KOZUKA Katsuhiko36-28MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro46-18WATANABE Hideaki
SATO Koichiro43-21MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro33-31SUZUKI Yuta
MORI Takahiro45-19NAKANO Yasuhide
2008-06-28: 16th King state special(Japan)
KOBAYASHI Manabulost toMORI Takahiro
KATO Yuzuruwon againstMORI Takahiro
KURAMOCHI Yutawon againstMORI Takahiro
NAGASHIMA Kazuhitowon againstMORI Takahiro
TATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukikowon againstMORI Takahiro
WATANABE Keiichiwon againstMORI Takahiro
2008-06-22: 2008 Tokyo block preliminary(Japan)
ISHIZAKI Hikaruwon againstMORI Takahiro
WATANABE Hideakiwon againstMORI Takahiro
WATANABE Keiichilost toMORI Takahiro
KOIDE Satoshiwon againstMORI Takahiro
ISHIKAWA Akirawon againstMORI Takahiro
TANIDA Keikowon againstMORI Takahiro
2008-06-15: 15th King state special(Japan)
TANAKA Atsushiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirolost toKOIDE Satoshi
MORI Takahirowon againstSUGISAKI Harumi
ISHIKAWA Akirawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSATO Ryu
MORI Takahirowon againstSATO Tetsuya
2008-06-08: 2008 Tokyo preliminary(Japan)
TSUCHIDA Daisukewon againstMORI Takahiro
WATANABE Keiichilost toMORI Takahiro
ENOMOTO Yasuhirowon againstMORI Takahiro
ISHIHARA Makotowon againstMORI Takahiro
TAKEISHI Takuyawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKOBAYASHI Syunjiro
2008-06-07: 46_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
ITO Junya51-13MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro38-26TAKEDA Kyoko
MORI Takahiro46-18TOKI Hidenobu
MORI Takahiro42-22SUZUKI Takuma
MORI Takahiro39-25NAGASHIMA Kazuhito
OSHIMIZU Takanori33-31MORI Takahiro
2008-05-31: 1st Shinagawa age championship (above 5609)(Japan)
KOSHINO Kazuhikowon againstMORI Takahiro
SUGISAKI Harumilost toMORI Takahiro
SATO Koichirowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKOBAYASHI Syunjiro
KOBAYASHI Manabuwon againstMORI Takahiro
HISHIYAMA Yuichiwon againstMORI Takahiro
2008-05-10: Kanagawa Special Open 2008 (Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstIKEDA Atsuhiko
MORI Takahirowon againstYASHIRO Miyabi
MORI Takahirowon againstTAKEDA Hajime
MORI Takahirolost toWATANABE Hideaki
MORI Takahirowon againstTATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
IWATA Hiroyukiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstTAKASHIMA Ryoji
2008-04-12: 38th challenge cup A(Japan)
UEDA Mikiyawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirolost toOHUCHI Yasuhiro
MORI Takahirolost toSATO Yuri
MORI Takahirowon againstHAMADA Kikue
MORI Takahirowon againstKOBAYASHI Oh
2008-04-05: 44_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
ITO Junya39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro53-11MISHINA Nozo
MORI Takahiro38-26TANIDA Kunihiko
NISHIYAMA Momoko34-30MORI Takahiro
KITOU Shota35-29MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro48-16KAWAGUCHI Genki
2008-03-23: 29_Meijin(Japan)
MORI Takahiro33-31KOBAYASHI Kasa
NAKAMORI Hiroki33-31MORI Takahiro
GOTO Masahiro33-31MORI Takahiro
WATANABE Hideaki33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro33-31TOKUSHIMA Akira
2008-03-08: 37th challenge cup A(Japan)
ISHIHARA Makotowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSANO Yoko
MORI Takahirowon againstWATANABE Keiichi
MORI Takahirowon againstKURAMOCHI Yuta
MORI Takahirowon againstTAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
TSUKAMOTO Kazumawon againstMORI Takahiro
2008-03-01: 43_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
YAMAKAWA Takashi53-11MORI Takahiro
AZUMA Hideki42-22MORI Takahiro
NAGAMATSU Ryota50-14MORI Takahiro
YOKOYAMA Yu60-04MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro39-25HISHIYAMA Yuichi
2008-02-17: 2008 Tokyo expert game(Japan)
NAGASAKI Hidekazuwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSHIMONOSONO Kozo
MORI Takahirowon againstISOBE Seiji
MORI Takahirolost toSHINOHARA Asamu
MORI Takahirowon againstSHINOHARA Jun
MORI Takahirowon againstOKAMOTO Akihiko
2008-02-10: 8th king state special(Japan)
MORI Takahirolost toUEDA Mikiya
OKAMOTO Akihikowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstMORINAGA Syou
MORI Takahirowon againstISHIWATA Yoshikazu
NAGASHIMA Kazuhitowon againstMORI Takahiro
2008-02-02: 42_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya42-22MORI Takahiro
KOIDE Satoshi48-16MORI Takahiro
FURUSAKI Yoko33-31MORI Takahiro
SAITO Ayumi36-28MORI Takahiro
SHUTSUKU Mizuki42-22MORI Takahiro
2008-01-19: 19th King state cup beginner(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstISAKA Tomoaki
MORI Takahirowon againstOKAMOTO Naoya
MORI Takahirowon againstKAWAGUCHI Yuuki
MORI Takahirolost toIMAI Daiki
MORI Takahirowon againstKOBAYASHI Oh
MORI Takahirowon againstNAGANO Yasushi
2008-01-12: 35th challenge cup advanced(Japan)
ISHIHARA Makotowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKOSHINO Kazuhiko
KAWAGUCHI Yuukiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKAWAGUCHI Genki
SATO Koichirowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSATO Tetsuya
2008-01-06: Shinagawa Open 2008 advanced(Japan)
SATO Tetsuyawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstWATANABE Satiko
TSUKAMOTO Kazumawon againstMORI Takahiro
NISHIYAMA Momokolost toMORI Takahiro
TAKEISHI Takuyawon againstMORI Takahiro
SAKAMOTO Noriwon againstMORI Takahiro
2007-12-24: 5th king state special(Japan)
ISHIKAWA Akirawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSATO Ryu
MORI Takahirowon againstNAKANO Masaru
ENOMOTO Yasuhirowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstTSUKAMOTO Kazuma
SATO Koichirowon againstMORI Takahiro
2007-12-15: 18th king state cup 2007 B(Japan)
SATO Tetsuyawon againstMORI Takahiro
HITO Hitoshiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKOBAYASHI Kasa
MORI Takahirowon againstKOBAYASHI Oh
MORI Takahirowon againstNAGANO Yasushi
2007-12-09: 4th King State cup special 2007(Japan)
MORI Takahirolost toSATAKE Yosuke
NAGASAKI Hidekazuwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstOHTAKE Kosuke
MORI Takahirowon againstMATSUZAWA Atsushi
MORI Takahirowon againstKURAMOCHI Yuta
MORI Takahiro32-32KATO Taiji
2007-11-03: 41_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
MORI Takahiro33-31NAKAO Takahiro
OZAWA Kou47-17MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro44-20SUGISAKI Harumi
TSUKAMOTO Kazuma45-19MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro35-29ISHIWATA Yoshikazu
2007-10-14: 9th Ueno Open(Japan)
ITO Junyawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstCHATANI Shoji
ISHIKAWA Akirawon againstMORI Takahiro
OHMORI Keitawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstTAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
2007-10-13: 32nd challenge cup - A(Japan)
KAWAGUCHI Hayatowon againstMORI Takahiro
NAITO Toshimitsuwon againstMORI Takahiro
SEKIGUCHI Shinyawon againstMORI Takahiro
UEDA Mikiyawon againstMORI Takahiro
MASUDA Letakawon againstMORI Takahiro
2007-10-06: 40th Shinagawa seaside opening(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstTAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
KOBAYASHI Manabuwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstWATANABE Keiichi
IIJIMA Takamunewon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSUGISAKI Harumi
OHUCHI Yasuhirowon againstMORI Takahiro
2007-10-06: 40_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
MORI Takahiro40-24TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
KATO Taiji61-03MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro45-19WATANABE Keiichi
IIJIMA Takamune49-15MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro40-24SUGISAKI Harumi
OHUCHI Yasuhiro35-29MORI Takahiro
2007-09-09: 8th Ueno Open(Japan)
SHIMONOSONO Kozowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstISHIHARA Makoto
MORI Takahirowon againstTAKEDA Kyoko
MORI Takahirowon againstSATO Tetsuya
KURACHI Takayukiwon againstMORI Takahiro
2007-09-08: 31st challenge cup - A(Japan)
TANAKA Amanelost toMORI Takahiro
TANAKA Atsushiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstISHIHARA Makoto
AKIYAMA Tatsumiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstWATANABE Hideaki
OHUCHI Yasuhirowon againstMORI Takahiro
2007-07-16: 6th Gland Expert Game(Japan)
ASAHINA Satoshiwon againstMORI Takahiro
KURACHI Takayukiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstSHIMONOSONO Kozo
SANO Yokowon againstMORI Takahiro
HIRABAYASHI Eijiwon againstMORI Takahiro
2007-06-02: 36_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
AKIYAMA Tatsumi40-24MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro51-13KAWAGUCHI Genki
ISHIHARA Makoto33-31MORI Takahiro
OKUDA Tsuyoshi45-19MORI Takahiro
OHUCHI Yasuhiro37-27MORI Takahiro
SATO Tetsuya42-22MORI Takahiro
2007-05-05: 35_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
TANAKA Atsushi40-24MORI Takahiro
SHIMIZU Kenko43-21MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro59-05HANO Rumiko
SUKO Masayuki54-10MORI Takahiro
SATAKE Yosuke40-24MORI Takahiro
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki42-22MORI Takahiro
2007-04-07: 34_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
OZAWA Kou40-24MORI Takahiro
ENOMOTO Yasuhiro36-28MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro45-19TATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
OKUDA Tsuyoshi41-23MORI Takahiro
IIJIMA Takamune34-30MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro50-14SAKURAI Takeuchi
2007-03-25: 28_Meijin_finals(Japan)
KITAJIMA Hideki33-31MORI Takahiro
NAGASAKI Hidekazu52-12MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro44-20YOSHIKAWA Chiaki
KOIDE Satoshi49-15MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro33-31KOBAYASHI Manabu
KAWAGASHIRA Kuniharu46-18MORI Takahiro
2007-03-03: 33_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
WATAHIKI Kenta41-23MORI Takahiro
USURAURA Yusuke50-14MORI Takahiro
HAMADA Kikue33-31MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro49-15KAWAGUCHI Yuuki
KOBAYASHI Manabu42-22MORI Takahiro
KIMURA Masashi36-28MORI Takahiro
2007-02-10: 25th Chirayenji Open(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstMITSUYA Nobuaki
KIMURA Masashiwon againstMORI Takahiro
SATO Tetsuyawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstWATANABE Keiichi
MORI Takahirowon againstYAMAMOTO Kunihiro
OHNAKA Kenichirolost toMORI Takahiro
2006-12-16: 8th King State Cup B(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstKURITA Seiya
MORI Takahirowon againstKOBAYASHI Oh
ISOBE Seijiwon againstMORI Takahiro
TAKANASHI Yusukewon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstTANAKA Amane
MORI Takahirowon againstSHIMIZU Kenko
2006-12-09: 23rd Chiyarenshi Open(Japan)
MORI Takahirowon againstOHNO Atsuko
MORI Takahirowon againstSUKO Masayuki
AKITA Takumawon againstMORI Takahiro
MITSUYA Nobuakiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MIYASHITA Naotowon againstMORI Takahiro
NOGAMI Yoshiyukiwon againstMORI Takahiro
2006-12-02: 31_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
KOIDE Satoshi42-22MORI Takahiro
KOSHINO Kazuhiko39-25MORI Takahiro
IIJIMA Takamune39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro39-25OKUDA Tsuyoshi
MORI Takahiro38-26SATO Tetsuya
MORI Takahirowon againstSHIMONOSONO Kozo
2006-11-25: 3rd Tatebayashi Open(Japan)
TATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukikowon againstMORI Takahiro
IKEDA Atsuhikowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstYAMAMOTO Kunihiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKOSHINO Kazuhiko
SANO Yokowon againstMORI Takahiro
2006-10-28: 6th King State Cup B(Japan)
OKAMOTO Akihikowon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstOHTAKE Kosuke
WATAHIKI Kentawon againstMORI Takahiro
SATO Tetsuyawon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstHARA Ai
2006-10-14: 29_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
MORI Takahiro54-10SAKAI Yuichi
TAKANASHI Yusuke58-06MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro34-30TAKEDA Kyoko
HAMADA Kikue37-27MORI Takahiro
WATAHIKI Kenta39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro44-20SATO Tetsuya
2006-09-02: 28_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
NOGAMI Yoshiyuki41-23MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro39-25KADOWAKI Norihiro
MATSUZAWA Atsushi37-27MORI Takahiro
NAGASHIMA Kazuhito38-26MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro47-17OKUDA Tsuyoshi
MORI Takahiro35-29TATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
2006-08-05: 27_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
MORI Takahiro46-18ISHII Yasuhiro
NAKANO Maseru43-21MORI Takahiro
SATO Koichiro34-30MORI Takahiro
ISHIHARA Makoto34-30MORI Takahiro
OKUDA Tsuyoshi50-14MORI Takahiro
SHIMONOSONO Kozo43-21MORI Takahiro
2006-07-01: 26_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
HAMADA Kikue35-29MORI Takahiro
OHYANAGI Masaki36-28MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro35-29WATANABE Keiichi
MORI Takahiro49-15KOIDE Satoshi
KURACHI Takayuki52-12MORI Takahiro
KURODA Takuji41-23MORI Takahiro
2006-04-08: 23_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
MIYAOKA Tamaki48-16MORI Takahiro
KOMAGATA Masayuki56-08MORI Takahiro
SATO Koichiro37-27MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstKOBAYASHI Oh
YOSHIDA Yoshiaki47-17MORI Takahiro
SHIMONOSONO Kozo41-23MORI Takahiro
2006-03-26: 27_Meijin(Japan)
MORI Takahiro64-00WATANABE Hideki
OSHIMIZU Takanori64-00MORI Takahiro
MURAKAMI Takeshi64-00MORI Takahiro
NARIYA Makoto64-00MORI Takahiro
IWASAKI Toshinori64-00MORI Takahiro
WATANABE Keiichi64-00MORI Takahiro
YAGI Masaki64-00MORI Takahiro
2006-03-11: 22_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
MORI Takahiro34-30HAMADA Kikue
MORI Takahiro46-18OHNO Atsuko
TAKEDA Kyoko35-29MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro39-25TATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
NOGAMI Yoshiyuki48-16MORI Takahiro
KOSHINO Kazuhiko44-20MORI Takahiro
2005-10-15: 18_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya50-14MORI Takahiro
SATO Tetsuya55-09MORI Takahiro
KAWAGASHIRA Kuniharu39-25MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro60-04KOBAYASHI Oh
MORI Takahiro34-30HAMADA Keisuke
SHIMIZU Kouichi46-18MORI Takahiro
2005-10-09: 214th Kyoto meeting(Japan)
MORI Takahirolost toIWATA Hiroyuki
UNO Toshihirowon againstMORI Takahiro
SENTOKU Hidefumiwon againstMORI Takahiro
MORI Takahirowon againstHATAMOTO Michihiko
MORI Takahirolost toOBAMA Satomi
2005-08-06: 16_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya55-09MORI Takahiro
TATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko47-17MORI Takahiro
SAWAKI Yusuke42-22MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro56-08SATO Tetsuya
SHUICHI Tsuda45-19MORI Takahiro
2005-03-20: 26_Meijin(Japan)
MORI Takahiro64-00TANAKA Shuntaro
YAMAGUCHI Yoshiaki50-14MORI Takahiro
MORI Takahiro39-25TODA Daisuke
MORI Takahiro47-17FUJISAWA Shunsuke
TANAKA Keisuke43-21MORI Takahiro
WATANABE Hajime45-19MORI Takahiro
YAGAKI Shinya51-13MORI Takahiro